Instructions :

When creating an image with the provconnect agent, the only thing to pay attention is the configuration file of the provconnect agent on the new image that is going to be installed on the device.  

The configuration file is located here per default : 

"C:\Program Files (x86)\ProVConnect\ProVConnect Device Agent\Device Agent\bin\Wanpulse.config" 

or "C:\Program Files\ProVConnect\ProVConnect Device Agent\Device Agent\bin\Wanpulse.config" 

Please follow the following steps :

  1. Make sure that the Server communication URL is properly configured :  <add key="Communication.Url" value="https://MYSERVERURL:443" /> It will ensure that the agent will be able to communicate with the server 
  2. Remove the following line if it exists<add key="Agent.Last.Identity" value="Device_SID&DeviceMacAddresses" /> This value is related to the current hardware from where the image is created, so it should not be on the image
  3. Remove the following line if it exists <add key="Remote.Identifier" value="A random unique identifier"/>  This value should be unique per device, so it should be removed from the config file, so it should not be on the image
  4. The enrollment value should be set to false  <add key="Wanpulse.Is.Enrolled" value="false" /> If the device was already enrolled on the server, it will auto-enrolled

For device agents with versions prior to 2.14, it's mandatory to update them before starting the reimaging process, to ensure that the server and the agent will still be able to communicate properly together.

The version of your ProVConnect server should always be the same or greater than your current agent version to ensure that the communication works properly. There is no guarantee that a newer agent will work with an older server version.