IIS Communication (Mandatory)

  • Communicate throught the port 443 in https
  • Handle all the communications in a secure way   (client => server)
    • File Tranfer.
    • Task Transfer
    • Devices Monitoring
    • Maintenance Task / automatic Task

Repeater VNC (Optional) 

please note that if you do not configure a repeater, then you will not be able to use the VNC feature (remote access) of proVconnect

  • Communicate throught the port 5500 by defaut (client => server)
  • Allows the Remote Desktop Session feature !
  • It's possible to set the port 80 for compliancy with company firewall
  • Connect from the administrator device through a range of port (5900-5920 per defaut) (admin device => server)

Broker MQTT (Optional)

please note that if you do not configure this port, then you will be dependent on the pulse frequency to execute tasks, the MQTT allows to increase the pulse frequency and still keep high level of reactivity on the server (pulse on demand) 

  • Communicate throught the port 1883 by defaut (client => server)
  • Synchronize the task publication on the device to allow the instant-publish mode

Discovery (Optionnal)

  • Communicate throught the port 9999 by defaut (Server => Client)
  • Allows discovery of your clients from the server on the same network

The Pulse System

WIth our system, Every communication is initiated by the client devices, and the server will only answer to the agent requests.

To avoid unecessary network load, Every devices will communicate with the server according to their PULSE. This is a value in seconds that is given to the device by the server.The device will communicate (or pulse) every X seconds, where X is the pulse time.