Renew your current license

Find the licensing menu

To renew your current license, you need to click on the help\about icon on your ProVConnect server.

    Chose More Details and proceed to the next screen


Then, you will see the following licensing menu 

 Send a license request to Wanpulse : 

This will automatically send an email with your server details to the Provconnect sales team. It uses the SMTP server set on your server. In case it doesn't work, you can manually download the server security key and send it to

Download the server security key :

This will download on your desktop your server security key. Please send it to in order to request a new license.

Applying a licence

Once your license request is answered, you will receive a license file. Then click on Apply a new license

Here you can see your license details :

Import your new license file by clicking on Import License


You can compare both license details. If everything is OK, then Apply the license and your provconnect server is now unlocked !